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Kelmac waterproofing are able to carry out a vast array of pitched roofing jobs, using both slating and tiling techniques for both domestic and commercial properties.  As approved pitched roofing contractors we are able to offer our customers a large range of products including: bituminous products, underslating membranes and roofing shingles to name but some.


There are multiple factors to consider when dealing with a pitched roof from design and thermal capacity to control of ventilation and condensation.  These are just a few of the factors that we account for at Kelmac Waterproofing, thereby ensuring the works are carried out to the highest standards.  We believe our quality of workmanship and attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competitors, along with our vast experience and knowledge of the industry.  We regularly use machine made as well as hand made clay tiles along with synthetic tiles such as concrete.


Slate can be perfect for many roofing applications because it splits into thin segments and as a metamorphic rock is hard, quick to dry, frost resistant and most importantly impermeable.  The quality of slate differs hugely depending on the type used and we ensure the natural and man made slates we fit are of the highest standard.  Natural slate is one of the more expensive options, however due to its popularity during the Edwardian and Victorian time periods this means we often use it on heritage roofing works.  The stone and Cumbrian slates that we use require skilled workmanship and are also at the more expensive end of the price range.

At Kelmac waterproofing we are always willing to discuss your individual requirements, we will also make every effort to take into account your price range so that we are able to provide you with a tailor made solution to your roofing needs that meets your expectations, as well as your budget.