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Generally these systems are a range of cold applied liquid waterproofing coatings. The waterproof coatings prevent the passage of water and water vapour into the structure, and form a seamless fully bonded system.

Liquid membranes may be used for basement tanking and damp proofing, plant rooms, podium decks and radon protection. These liquid applied systems feature coatings with high degrees of durability, flexibility, abrasion, chemical resistance, different colours for in-built quality control, as well as gas proofing capabilities. Also included in this category are anti-carbonation coatings and products for use in wet rooms.

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•    Simple and rapid application
•    Air cured so can be applied at very low temperatures
•    Excellent bond to the substrate using nano technology
•    Cold applied – no hot works required
•    No need for additional solar protection
•    Overcoat in 2-4 hours in ventilated conditions

We also provide a single-ply overlay system. This system has been designed for use on degraded single ply membranes. It is formulated using synthetic resins and fast drying solvents ensuring the optimum bond to the ageing single ply substrates. We can offer warranties of up to 15 years.